Litramine to Fat Flush

Doctor Oz says Litramine™ works by binding with fat and helping ushering the fat out of your body through excretion.

A Study in the Obesity Journal found participants lost almost a half a pound a week for 12 weeks.

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The recommended amount is 1 gram after every meal therefore 3 grams a day.

Dr Oz says fat binders are the safest form of weight loss supplements because they simply bind with fat.

Yow want to take a a high quality Litramine™.

Litramine™ is a trademarked natural supplement of two fibres -Opuntia ficus-indica and Acacia.

The study results and information are very encouraging.

White Bean Extract Blocks Sugar from Converting to Fat

Dr Oz featured White Bean Extract again as an aid to Weight Loss.

Dr Oz previously highlighted White Kidney Bean Extract, which is also known by, as a great way to lose weight by blocking carbs from turning into and being stored by your body as fat.

However, more research and Dr Oz saying is also very effective in blocking sugar you eat being converted and stored by your body as fat.

Basically, Doctor Oz said that White Bean Extract is indispensable to helping limit the weight gain when you eat sugar, take 500 mg before every meal.

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He also discussed the benefit of BCAA Powder for metabolism boosting