Alli Success Stories

Real Alli Success Stories

These are real stories and conversations from the myalli website. You get instant access to this website for diet planning and Alli tips. This is a great resource to stay motivated and to keep on track by following your online Alli weight loss plan. Here are people who really use Alli and their stories: Wanna Watch Videos?
ms pitts alli story

Pitts Alli Success Story

Hello Alli Family. I’m a happily married mother of 3 ages 7, 4, and 3 month’s old. I started Alli on 6/23/08 and since then I have lost 4 pounds since the birth of my child it will make a total of 32 pounds. Even though I’m now entering the 3rd week it feels great to know exactly what you’re putting into your body, I haven’t had any treatment effects. Well I love to exercise and I do mon-sat 1 hr a day of cardio. My goal is to fit into the dress my loving husband bought me for xmas. With dedication, commitment, patience and prayer anything you set your mind to is possible!!

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johns alli story

Johns Alli Testimonial

It all started December 2007 when I made the Holiday rounds with friends and posted my holiday pictures on my refrigerator and noticed that I looked much larger than I normally do and made note that my clothes were getting tighter and tighter by the week. It was evident that I was packing on the pounds and did not know how much till I pulled out and dusted off the scale and found that I was over the 200 pound mark. Shocked that I had never been more that 160 pounds for years. I made a conscience resolution for 2008 to lose the weight and get healthier and eat better. I explored all diet remedies and solutions and what kept repeating over and over was the commercial on TV for ALLI an FDA-approved Weight Loss Aid, stating, on ALLI one can lose 50% more weight than dieting alone. I looked into other programs that would cost hundreds of dollars per month and had to use their prepared meals and thought that was not going to work for me. ALLI was the Best Solution and I could still prepare my own meals and watch my fat intake and calories and not deprive myself of my own foods. I pondered on this for a whole month reviewing information and its pros and cons and ALLI ALWAYS was the ONLY weight loss aid for me.

Once I decided to go on ALLI, I researched and prepared myself for the day I was about to start my journey on ALLI weight loss program. I read and made my mind set that I will follow thru with ALLI’s suggestions and made sure I followed ALLI’s directions.

The day was Sunday, Feb, 3, 2008 and it fell on a day that a group of us were going to a restaurant to celebrate friends birthday and every one at the table said to start ALLI on Monday instead of that day. I insisted that Feb. 3, would be the day I started and took my capsule and watched my fat grams and portion size and felt great that I stuck to my guns and made sure I was going to lose those unwanted pounds.
As the days turned to weeks and I followed ALLI’s regimen and watched and made sure that my intake was no more that 19 grams of fat per meal, the pounds were shedding off and my waist size became smaller by the week. My friends noticed a change and I boasted to all that ALLI was the real reason for my weight loss. In the weeks ahead I was thrilled that ALLI was working better than I expected and many of my friends started to take ALLI themselves. It started with one or two friends of mine then it became a circle of friends. I found myself talking and promoting ALLI. Even my User Name is called ALLIBOY. It came to a point that I actually went to the store with my friends to have them purchase ALLI for themselves.

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I became basically a spokesperson for ALLI in my circle of friends. To date over 20 friends have converted to ALLI for their weight loss program The biggest impact to ALLI’s appeal was that it was FDA approved and that it made you lose 50% more fat while on it. Once the word got out that I was losing weight and at Easter this March I dropped to 172 pounds over 30 pounds of weight loss, I had a picture tacked and posted both Easter and Holiday Season 2007 on the refrigerator and the weigh loss was too obvious. I had copies of those two pictures for my wallet and proudly showed to everyone which made them go out and buy and try ALLI for themselves.

Being on ALLI for three months my weight loss just a few pounds away from my goal weight of 155 pounds. I became an advocate for weight loss to many who were interested. With 50 pounds and still counting, my ALLI fans have given me a bigger boost of self confidence, but in reality, it boils down to ALLI. That wonderful product really works when following ALLI’S directions and encouragement thru their emails. Having ALLI work with you weekly on line and watching your progress, it made me so proud of myself. I chose the Best Source of Weight Loss for my lifestyle and converted many more people and friends to go on ALLI and experience it for themselves. The joys of being a healthier and happier person can be achieved with the aid of ALLI.

I can not thank ALLI enough for all its support and tools to make my goal on weight loss a reality. This has been the easiest way to maintain and lose a healthy weight loss and boost your self confidence 1000 fold. I have never experienced such dramatic change in my body ever and noticed that I look younger, feel more energetic, more alert and aware of my body, extremely more limber and much more active in my daily chores. If I did not truly give ALLI 100% of my attention and decided that I will follow ALLI’s course for weight loss, the result would not have been that dramatic in losing 50 pounds in short period of time. Alli your the BEST!
kristas story

Krista Had Success with Alli

I was always in good shape and healthy as a teenager. After high school, my activity level dropped and my love for eating increased. When I was in my mid to late 20′s I was in a long relationship and let myself go. Food was the #1 thing in my life; exercise was at the bottom. I always did have a love for sports and outdoor activities but being 200 lbs, I didn’t have the energy. It wasn’t until a year ago July 2007 (2 yrs after my relationship ended) that I looked in the mirror and cried. I didn’t really recognize myself. I was overweight and unhappy. I saw the commercials for Alli and decided to give it a try. I didn’t realize how easy it was and as long as I stuck to the program correctly; zero side effects. In addition to the Alli program I began to add 15-20 minutes of exercise to my routine. I used the elliptical machine 3-4 times a week and within a month I dropped 10 lbs. How easy was this? I wasn’t depriving myself of food, I wasn’t exercising for hours a day. I was extremely pleased with the program. Although not 100% dedicated at this point, I did continue the program off and on through the holidays. By January of 2008, I had lost 30 lbs. I was extremely busy with work and had a lot of things going on, but managed to start the program back up again in Mid-March 2008. A friend and I started hiking every day after work and would hike at least one day on the weekend. I even purchased some roller skates to try a new, fun workout! I have been continuing the Alli program and exercise daily. At this point, I have lost 47 lbs in total and am extremely happy. I can’t even describe how good I feel. I look great, have tons of energy, and just feel healthy. Whenever asked how I lost the weight, the one word I mention is Alli. I recommend it to everyone and I will continue to take it until I reach my goal. Alli changed my life for the better.

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